Fall 2012 Calendar

by d. w. horstkoetter



Dr. Michael Baxter (DePaul) and Fr. Hughson, “Prophetic or Kingly: Has American Catholicism Over-Adjusted And Is It Murray’s Fault?” on October 11th, 3:30-5 in Raynor Seminar Room 301.

Panel and Discussion:

Dr. Darrell Dobbs (Poli Sci), Dr. John Davis (Econ), and Fr. Ogbonnaya (Theo) on “What are the political dimensions of love?: Comments on Caritas in veritate,” October 24th, 3:30-5 in Raynor Conference Room A.

November and December:

Book Discussion:

Panel and Discussion on Kenneth Surin’s Freedom not Yet in mid-late November. Details TBA.

Working Project:

Fr. John Montag, “Theology and the University,” in early December. Details TBA.